Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Congress said: Let them eat barium and nano-aluminum

Enough is ...  too much!
The entire northern hemisphere is being poisoned daily by chemicals emitted from jets.
We all see these white streaks turn into puffy clouds as the chemicals descend to oceans and lands. Plants are dieing. Farmlands are becoming fallow. Wildlife is being exterminated. Bark from trees in pristine Hawaii peels off in a child's hands.
Across the globe, farmers are finding that soils needed to grow food crops are depleted of nutrients and loaded with salts from excess irrigation. This is a slow-death process for arable lands. However, the addition of chemicals from the atmosphere, sprayed as chemtrails from jets, are accelerating destruction of life-producing processes of soils and living plants. As if it is not enough that farmers are hard-pressed to produce enough food under changing conditions?
Food prices increase each week in some markets. We all know this; we all feel this as we shop for essentials. With a continuation of this chemtrails campaign against life, this will escalate within a few years. Food shortages are on the horizon as it is; yet arrival of future famine is being actively accelerated through the chemtrails program. This global atmospheric spraying of chemical death will impact every child, every woman, and every man sharing this planet. Everyone already has been impacted, aware or not. The chances are overwhelming that you and your family have eaten food contaminated by those chemicals you see floating in the sky, coloring your sunset.    
The United States Congress held pretentious hearings eight years or longer after these chemtrails had begun descending upon us all, discussing whether or not to grant approval of an experiment that began by 1997. It is like discussing whether or not to slaughter a cow after it has already died.
Members of Congress consider this General Public, for whom they "work" and whom they are paid to "represent," to be too uninformed, too stupid to catch on to this charade.
Here are video links to see for you to consider:  
For the most comprehensive view of what chemtrails are, and the danger, watch this full-length documentary film:
This practice will continue until it is forcefully stopped. Mass-propaganda-media is not going to alert the public on this matter.  Only grassroots sharing of information is going to result in sufficient outrage needed to stop this exceedingly dangerous experiment with our planet’s life.
I propose that we now prepare a class-action group to initiate a lawsuit against the corporations producing these poisons, against the owners of the airplanes that disperse these poisons, and against the pilots who fly those planes and disperse these poisons upon all of us. Only strong, united action will make a difference. To join the FaceBook Group designed to build a network of concerned people united against chemtrail spraying, see the page here:
Please join me. 

Thank you.