Monday, November 7, 2011

FACIO – Fathers And Children International Organization

A simple concept:

Our Mission is to aid both fathers and their children
  • To spend more time together
  • To enjoy the many benefits of a father-son and father-daughter bond, especially emotional health and well-being of children as future heirs of this world
  • To improve communications between fathers and their children, and between children and their fathers
  • To assert the naturally endowed rights of children to have their fathers present in their lives
  • To assert the rights of fathers to be fathers of their children without interference from corporatism, governments or any other organized force
  • To assert enforcement of laws enacted to protect these rights
  • To educate fathers how best to be or become mentors, leaders and protectors of their children
  • To encourage equal, cooperative partnerships with the women who happen to be mothers to the children of this world.

This is an international organization therefore we seek and encourage fathers and children from all countries to join us.

We exist as an organization to counter the many negative forces that have been tearing father-child and family relationships apart from approximately 1933 to the present.

The inception of this organization begins with publication of this brief. From this point forward all who are interested in joining are encouraged to do so.

We anticipate that interest and growing membership will lead to formal incorporation as a nonprofit organization recognized with 501 c-3 status. To grow, we expect
  • That many will show support through social network groups,
  • That word-of-mouth and “sharing” will lead to increased membership,
  • That growth will attract some of the best minds available with knowledge and experience in pertinent issues to be shared within this group,
  • That members of other groups nominally designed to aid fathers or children will see the value in a unified, streamlined organization designed to represent every father and every child,
  • That the power of unity and numbers will move many concerned fathers to join us,
  • That our focus on the positive aspects of fatherhood and father-child bonds will set us apart from other groups,
  • That being many with one voice will enhance the listening ability of those to whom we speak,
  • That because we are joined “to do” and “to bind” those who listen will also join us.

Our first major objective:

Gather on Fathers Day 2012 in Washington D.C. at the Mall in a strength of numbers that will raise global awareness of the plight of fatherless children everywhere.
  • We invite fathers and their children from every nation to join us
  • We encourage especially fathers who have been alienated from their children to “celebrate” Fathers Day with us there
  • We encourage members of all fathers rights organizations to attend
  • We encourage experts in related fields to volunteer to speak
  • We encourage political candidates to attend
  • We encourage women who share our concerns to attend and to speak
  • We encourage the Secretary of State to attend
  • We encourage family court judges to attend
  • We encourage district attorneys to attend
  • We encourage governors to attend
  • We encourage mayors to attend
  • We encourage other heads of state to attend
  • We encourage war veterans to attend
  • We encourage ambassadors from other nations to attend
  • We encourage those who would like to give personal testimony of parental alienation to attend and to speak

To all fathers and children: this is your organization, this is your event. We are here for you, we are united for you, and we hope to speak loudly and clearly so that your concerns will be addressed.

FACIO … to do, to serve, to bind  (Latin) (fa-ki-oh)