Friday, June 13, 2014

Are We All Better Off Without Religion?

More often than ever I find FaceBook posts that attack people of faith. Quite often these statements or memes accuse people who believe in God of being responsible for most wars and murders.  To quote the most recent, “Gods don’t kill people. People with Gods kill people.”

In logic or debate, and even in political debate, attacks against a person are “out of bounds.” The Latin term ad hominem” means “to the person” and is considered a fallacy that invalidates an argument. Losers resort to ad hominem statements because their logic fails.  

Ironically, atheists assert that reason alone is valid and that Reason, in the form of Science,  refutes Faith. I have not yet met or encountered an atheist who adheres to reason to refute the existence of God or the validity of religion.

Plato used logic, or reason, to determine that there must be a Prime Mover that set this incomprehensible universe into motion. Atheists today evade this issue and claim that Science will eventually “discover” how such a Prime Mover is unnecessary. This is to say, they resort to “Blind Faith” in Science to argue against belief in any religion. Because Science has demonstrated some concepts to be false that were once held to be true, it is only a matter of time before Science proves all religious beliefs to be false. In logic this is the equivalent of arguing that because some insects fly it is only a matter of time that all insects will fly.

Many atheists go further by wielding accusations of Blind Faith to attack the intelligence of those who believe in God or attempt to practice a religion. Blind hypocrisy is the apt term.

What raises this matter to a social concern is this: all religions serve a social, civilizing purpose. They are schools of morality, thus schools of moderation of human behavior. Atheists make the absurd claim that religious moral schools “do more harm than good” for humanity. In fact, they assert that atheism is a better moral school than religion. By eliminating all religions, it is said, the “natural goodness” of humankind will shine through. Experience and knowledge of this world has taught me that the opposite is true. Observe the top and bottom “one percent” of humanity. One side hoards material wealth while creating a world in which 30,000 children starve to death every day. The other side includes persons who will kill for a piece of bread or a bowl of rice. In the middle are those who will kill “to see what it feels like to take a human life.”  Add in those who kill unborn human beings for profit because they can, and because they also disbelieve in the value of human life, or that we each have a unique soul.
This is considered funny by anti-Christian Pro-abortionists

We are all witnessing the rise of selfishness and narcissism simultaneously with antagonism against belief in a God concept and the practice of religion. This is not accidental, nor is it a coincidence. Atheism is another form of narcissism. But atheism is also a religion that displaces a Prime Mover with a soulless, inanimate and indifferent universe. Our place in this universe is then whatever we make it to be. Many follow the religion of Oprah Winfrey, who believes that we are all our own gods, each a god of the world we choose to create. All of us are on a short train ride, so to say. So, why not eat other people’s lunch, figuratively, or manipulate other riders, or be abusive if that makes us feel good for the moment? There are no moral rules other than those made up for ourselves? When you get down to it, this is what a moral code written by godless humans is going to look like. We have already codified into law a large portion of this new amoral code – and we are seeing the results everywhere in society.

Every day more land is purchased by corporations, squeezing living space for people into smaller and smaller areas. Police work primarily for these corporations to protect those abundant assets from increasingly desperate people. Scarcity is a deception. Food supplies are more dependent upon corporate distribution and profits every year, and less on self-sufficient home-grown production. The same is true of energy despite abundant possibilities for free energy. Fresh water is not really scarce on this planet, but its control by corporations increases every year, and they make record profits by selling to us what we ought to access freely. These are the fruits of the “moral code” derived from an incrementally more godless world.

The Results of Atheism Codified in Law

 And some people believe that we’re all going to be better off when religion is outlawed.