Friday, May 8, 2015

Drought Dries up Democrat’s and Republican’s Lives & Assets Equally

Drought is an equal-opportunity killer.

At some earlier time and place I’ve made the observation that being a Democrat and or being a Republican has evolved to a point that it is a religion for some. Recently I’ve been listening to several people who have proven this assessment to be true.

It is now common for me to hear a reference to “The Republicans” followed by an exceedingly negative characteristic of that group, as if that collective body shared the same thoughts, intentions and beliefs. Generally, these comments remind me of that historic period, depicted unfavorably in many films, of war between Catholics and Protestants several hundred years ago; typically the Thirty Years War is representative of those times.

Thirty Years War 
Never – not once in my experience – do these wholesale characterizations of “The Republicans” make sense. The fundamental problem (no pun intended?) is that statements made about “that group, the Republicans” are not actually true. No group thinks, believes or acts with the singularity of mind spoken of by friends or associates who religiously identify themselves as a Democrat.

It is also now common for me to hear a reference to “The Democrats” followed by an exceedingly negative characteristic of that group, as if that collective body shared the same thoughts, intentions and beliefs. Generally, these comments remind me of that historic period, depicted unfavorably in many films, of war between Catholics and Protestants several hundred years ago; typically the Thirty Years War is representative of those times … it is as if history is repeating itself.

Never – not once in my experience – do these wholesale characterizations of “The Democrats” make sense. The fundamental problem (pun intended) is that statements made about “that group, the Democrats” are not actually true. No group thinks, believes or acts with the singularity of mind spoken of by friends or associates who religiously identify themselves as a Republican.

Examples of common absurdities relative to the above cults can be found hereFor many, being a Democrat is clearly a practiced religion. For others, being a Republican is clearly a practiced religion.

Combined, these two groups make up a majority of Americans, both voters and non-voters. Going to the polls to vote is like going to church on Saturday or Sunday; people claim to profess a particular religion but need not attend its services. Thus, the majority of Americans now hold The Government as their primary religion, in practice. Local governments like cities are comparable to parishes or congregations; dioceses are comparable to state governments; the federal government is the supreme body, the Collective of all its members. These “United States” are divided into two enormous sects comparable to the division of nominal Christianity into Protestants and Catholics; we have the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Lincoln Memorial ~ Washington, D.C.  
Historically, as Christianity infamously divided into Protestant and Catholic collectives, almost no one in either group practiced Christianity, as taught by its Founder.  Everyone lived in sin; no one (almost; there were exceptions, the Saints) actually followed the precepts, The Precepts of the Faith. Today, almost no one follows the Laws of the Land. Everyone is a law-breaker; everyone “sins” against the State.

That potentially could be a good thing in some a ways.

Nevertheless, this vehement condemnation of any group of people who think differently precludes this society from solving its problems. {"It is impossible to serve two masters; one must love one and hate the other."} 

Miley Cyrus ~ Self Worship
We are inevitably divided between self-interest and the interests of a greater society. Resolution of this conflict would only be possible if one were wise enough to be a practicing Christian within a Society of practicing Christians. But that we are not and never will be. We are, rather, heading very rapidly in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, though, the complete saturation of political rhetoric, especially coming through mass media, further alienates one from another. We are told that our future depends upon either the election of a Democrat (woman) or an unknown Republican in 2016. We are told that the future well-being of this country depends upon whether or not we elect one High Priestess, Hillary, or fail to do so by electing a Republican instead. Our choice is between the goddess Isis and doom?

The cold reality is, neither choice will have anything to do with the well-being of Americans over the next decade or two. Neither choice is going to end The Great Drought. Neither Republican nor Democrat in the White House in 2017 will be empowered to stop the horrific consequences of (the exact opposite of the Biblical Great Flood?) the Great Drought that has already begun and which likely is years from ending.  Which president will be able to stop related blizzards descending from the north into densely populated areas of the Northeast and Midwest, and further encroaching into the deep South?

There is a concept called the Constancy of Atmospheric Moisture. Trust that this is a rather complex scientific theory or series of observations and measurements over long periods. Simply put, this means that when one area of this planet experiences prolonged drought, the constant (more or less) total amount of moisture – atmospheric water – falls somewhere else. This can be seen in the microcosm of the Amazon River Basin, as described here: The Amazon Basin

Flooding from the River Trent
When Food Wars break out, and many believe this is inevitably going to occur, will the hostility between Democrats and Republicans determine channels of food distribution? Food Wars are motivated by attrition between “Haves and Have-nots” in the crudest possible way. The fight to survive can and will become brutal. Not paper money, which will become worthless, but food will become currency. Who believes that people – groups of people – will identify themselves by wearing blue shirts or red shirts in order to “fairly” distribute food and other goods essential to life?

Historic Food Riots ~ 19th Century 
Each group, each sect of this American religion, is already primed to blame the other for the shortages to come. Powers That Be, through mass media, are setting up both sides for a blame-and-punishment scenario. It can only get worse as circumstances deteriorate.

World Currencies
Meanwhile, the same scripted media is reporting an “economic recovery” as though monetary trade – a monetized measurement of collective human behavior – is all that matter in determining our well-being. The total number of Dollars, Yen, Shekels, Rubles, Euros, Pesos and Yuan has nothing to do (almost, but that’s another blog topic) with accessibility of water and nutrient-rich soil essential to growing, harvesting and distributing food. 

Today's Reality ~ Dependency of the Masses
The most economical way is always to grow your own, to control your own production of food as close to where you sleep as you possibly can. Give that control to strangers in a far-away place and you become dependent on a global system that is as reliable and as caring as a blizzard or an invading army.

No Water ~ No Crops
Millions of people are, and will be, “looking for a sign in the sky” for what is to come. For millions, already, theat sign is already here: “there are no rain clouds … no rain clouds appearing and now it’s well into monsoon season. This is the third year …” 

The meaning of the Sign that many wait for has always been clear: Pray. We've been told that prayer combined with faith "moves mountains." Through mass media, we are also told repeatedly that our old beliefs have been displaced by SCIENCE, which will produce a Green Utopia in a few years (as long as we obey ... as long as we convert). Hence, there is no place for messages like that below ...

A Place in California
All we need do, we are told to believe, is to elect the right Woman in 2016. 

Chew on That 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Your bloodline and mine definitely intertwine

So many people today want to blame wars on religion, and use this as an excuse to stay away from organized religion. There is abundant irony in this, and I love irony.

Crusader by Vlados7

Christianity, for me, gets most of the blame, partly because people these days are taught that the Crusades created our present wars with jihadists, ISIS, ISIL, and some might find ties to North Korea as well. Irony abounds because Christianity wasn’t practice during those Crusades, except on an individual level, by wives and children who travelled with soldiers and mercenary warriors. Thus it is wrong to blame the Church for bloodshed caused by its unpracticed religion, just as it is wrong to blame the whole of the Islamic world for jihad. 

People were generally ignorant. But they were not ignorant because the Catholic Church of the time wanted to keep them ignorant in order to swell its ranks with Believers. People were ignorant because the fall of the Roman Empire caused a widespread closure of schools, and fewer people became literate.

Yet, Christians knew to a great extent teachings of the Church. They knew, for example, the concept of the Sacred Heart of Yeshua ben Joseph, whim we know as Jesus Christ.  They knew, too, the bloodline of Mary, his biological mother and the concept of her Sacred Heart. Despite that widespread ignorance of the period, these followers knew essential and quite interesting concepts that escape most people today.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Leap forward in time to the present. Somewhere in this series I’ve written of memory being transferred from person to person in heart transplant operations. A child died suddenly; that child’s heart was transferred into another child, who was a couple of years older. Very detailed memories were recalled in the heart recipient. The surviving child knew the deceased child’s sister, by name and recognition among many other definitive things unique to the deceased child’s family. Books have been written on this subject, and doctors have hit the lecture circuit.

The importance of heart memory over brain memory is, well, astounding.

Christians believe in the Sacred Heart of Yeshua, Jesus Anointed as Our Devine Savior.  (Our” is meant to apply to everyone, not solely Christians.) Out of widespread ignorance of those “Dark Ages” comes a truth that we are yet to fathom today:  Heart is more important than brains, and knowledge in the form of information.

We symbolize love as a Gift of the Heart. So we have Valentine’s Day, overdone with hearts and red to symbolize blood rather than roses.  

Mothers feed their fetuses through blood, and placenta takes its nourishment from a mother’s blood to be passed the human fetus in her womb. Blood is the source of life, and blood is the essence of life which we must have. Blood carries oxygen to the brain, which shuts down when blood stops flowing through its passages. We carry thousands of miles of blood-lines within us, by common estimates as much as 60,000 miles. And if a child dies, a mother often feels as if part of her own circulatory system has shut down, her heart may harden, and part of her life is deadened.
Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows  

Those ignorant Christians accepted the importance of blood – Sacred Blood – tied to love and humanity coexisting in peace. Christ gave his blood to humanity, to save us from ourselves. “This is My Blood of the New Covenant,” the New Agreement. And, “My peace I give you.”

Geneticists disagree on whether or not there was a First Couple, as we have been told in the story of Adam and Eve. Some believe that, despite the fantasies of Dawkins, who proposed that we have common ancestors with gorillas and other hominidae, that there indeed was a First Woman who is our common ancestor. Science definitely supports this theory through genetic research and mathematics. Thus we know that Mitochondrial Eve did exist, and that we are all her descendants. We share her common bloodline. 

Science fans can check out the information here:  Our most recent common ancestor

The Sacred Heart of Mary, mother of Yeshua in Palestine 2,000 years ago, has represented this bloodline of humanity from the moment of her conception. Bloodlines have played a significant role in the ancestry of Mary traced back to King David of Israel about a thousand years earlier. The Gospel of Mathew opens with the genealogy strangely enough traced to Joseph, believed to be the stepfather of Yeshua rather than his biological father. Then, on the Cross, Jesus said to John, “Behold your mother …” in reference to humanity.

Everyone alive today is a descendant of someone alive when Jesus spoke to his disciples in informal conversations, lectures within synagogues, and to John from the Cross. We are family. We were given His Peace, and His Blood, for our sake, and this included all of humanity.

But where are we now?

It appears that we are more ignorant of the importance of our bloodlines than the people of the Dark and Middle Ages were of literacy and science. We live in an age in which people proudly say, “Nothing is sacred.”  

Valentine's Day Symbolism

The love that a deceased boy had for his sister is carried to another child within his transplanted heart, along with memories of little things that were precious to him. Life is sacred, and life is carried in our blood.

But we know that disease and death also are flowing through our bloodstreams as well. Whether in forms of hatred or biological nuisances, we carry the means of our own destruction within us. Values we hold play an essential role in the quality and quantity of life that we live, and for how long. Coincident with our common bloodline, whether we make peace or war becomes a factor of what we think and believe, what we hold and what we release.

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