Friday, June 13, 2014

Are We All Better Off Without Religion?

More often than ever I find FaceBook posts that attack people of faith. Quite often these statements or memes accuse people who believe in God of being responsible for most wars and murders.  To quote the most recent, “Gods don’t kill people. People with Gods kill people.”

In logic or debate, and even in political debate, attacks against a person are “out of bounds.” The Latin term ad hominem” means “to the person” and is considered a fallacy that invalidates an argument. Losers resort to ad hominem statements because their logic fails.  

Ironically, atheists assert that reason alone is valid and that Reason, in the form of Science,  refutes Faith. I have not yet met or encountered an atheist who adheres to reason to refute the existence of God or the validity of religion.

Plato used logic, or reason, to determine that there must be a Prime Mover that set this incomprehensible universe into motion. Atheists today evade this issue and claim that Science will eventually “discover” how such a Prime Mover is unnecessary. This is to say, they resort to “Blind Faith” in Science to argue against belief in any religion. Because Science has demonstrated some concepts to be false that were once held to be true, it is only a matter of time before Science proves all religious beliefs to be false. In logic this is the equivalent of arguing that because some insects fly it is only a matter of time that all insects will fly.

Many atheists go further by wielding accusations of Blind Faith to attack the intelligence of those who believe in God or attempt to practice a religion. Blind hypocrisy is the apt term.

What raises this matter to a social concern is this: all religions serve a social, civilizing purpose. They are schools of morality, thus schools of moderation of human behavior. Atheists make the absurd claim that religious moral schools “do more harm than good” for humanity. In fact, they assert that atheism is a better moral school than religion. By eliminating all religions, it is said, the “natural goodness” of humankind will shine through. Experience and knowledge of this world has taught me that the opposite is true. Observe the top and bottom “one percent” of humanity. One side hoards material wealth while creating a world in which 30,000 children starve to death every day. The other side includes persons who will kill for a piece of bread or a bowl of rice. In the middle are those who will kill “to see what it feels like to take a human life.”  Add in those who kill unborn human beings for profit because they can, and because they also disbelieve in the value of human life, or that we each have a unique soul.
This is considered funny by anti-Christian Pro-abortionists

We are all witnessing the rise of selfishness and narcissism simultaneously with antagonism against belief in a God concept and the practice of religion. This is not accidental, nor is it a coincidence. Atheism is another form of narcissism. But atheism is also a religion that displaces a Prime Mover with a soulless, inanimate and indifferent universe. Our place in this universe is then whatever we make it to be. Many follow the religion of Oprah Winfrey, who believes that we are all our own gods, each a god of the world we choose to create. All of us are on a short train ride, so to say. So, why not eat other people’s lunch, figuratively, or manipulate other riders, or be abusive if that makes us feel good for the moment? There are no moral rules other than those made up for ourselves? When you get down to it, this is what a moral code written by godless humans is going to look like. We have already codified into law a large portion of this new amoral code – and we are seeing the results everywhere in society.

Every day more land is purchased by corporations, squeezing living space for people into smaller and smaller areas. Police work primarily for these corporations to protect those abundant assets from increasingly desperate people. Scarcity is a deception. Food supplies are more dependent upon corporate distribution and profits every year, and less on self-sufficient home-grown production. The same is true of energy despite abundant possibilities for free energy. Fresh water is not really scarce on this planet, but its control by corporations increases every year, and they make record profits by selling to us what we ought to access freely. These are the fruits of the “moral code” derived from an incrementally more godless world.

The Results of Atheism Codified in Law

 And some people believe that we’re all going to be better off when religion is outlawed. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Response to Dana Gentry and Ralston Report Denial

Recently I just received responses from the executive producer of the Ralston Reports, Dana Gentry, challenging the veracity of my earlier comments. Both Ms. Gentry and Jon Ralston deny those comments were made.

Hi Mr. Nagy:
Jon forwarded your message to me.  I am the executive producer of his program.

I don’t know what you are talking about but I challenge you to tell me the date this alleged report appeared on Ralston Reports. 

Here is a link to our recent programs:

When you find the “report” of which you speak does not exist  I hope you will take appropriate steps to correct your own reporting on your blog post. 

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. 

Dana Gentry
Executive Producer
Ralston Reports

Below is my response.
Dear Ms. Gentry,
On Wednesday evening, April 16th my friend tuned into the Ralston Report and immediately noticed that the faces of  two people we met at the Americans For Prosperity (AFP) meeting at South Durango on April 15, 2014, between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM were displayed in the lower right hand corner of our sixty-inch smart TV. Mr Ralston was speaking about comments made by Mr. Niger Innis and Ms. Michelle Fiore, guest speakers on a radio show broadcast live on CBS affiliate KXST - AM or KXNT - FM. Mr Ralston was correcting Ms. Fiore's points of view, to describe his views politely. His condescending tone was intended to mock Ms. Fiore's viewpoints. Following this diatribe, Ralston launched his comments about marijuana as a "dangerous drug," as I have responded to in my blog.
Apparently neither you nor Mr. Ralston are prepared to stand by his broadcast words. This confirms that the intent of the Ralston Report is to espouse propaganda to all viewers gullible enough to take his words at face value.
Best wishes,

Thomas A. Nagy 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cannabis Prohibition VS Unsolved Murders

Just about everyone knows what propaganda is when they hear it, although many people don’t realize they do. Why? Because propaganda is a fancy word for bullshit, and most of us realize when that spews forth from politicians and other government shills.

Last night I happened to be within earshot of a man named Jon Ralston spewing a load of propaganda about the dangers of cannabis, or weed, and driving. I don’t, as a rule, go out of my way to listen to “news” on television but a friend tuned in by chance to Las Vegas’ Channel 3 at just the right moment.

What did Jon Ralston say that was so outrageous? Well, to begin with his face and moving lips were alternating with images of a small white car with serious damage to the front end. Unfortunately that car was involved in a fatal accident in which a young man died. That is certainly sad, and all too common. However, Ralston was unconscionably exploiting that young man’s tragic death to make a false point: that because cannabinoids were found in his body, weed or marijuana was the cause of his death. According to Jon Ralston, cannabis is a “dangerous drug” that leads to or is involved in 45% of fatal accidents.

There are a lot of problems with Ralston’s statements. First of all, there are serious omissions of information regarding that case. Who was at fault in that fatal accident, and what was the cause? Was it solely the fault of a stoned driver, as Ralston implied? Was there any evidence of alcohol within those involved in that collision? If so, why is this not acknowledged? Were any other substances involved, licit or otherwise?

In my book Cannabis Consumer Handbook, I wrote a chapter to warn cannabis consumers specifically to avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol. The problem is not the cannabis. It is most definitely alcohol. People without experience with weed, especially young people, cannot judge the separate effects of alcohol while stoned. They tend to forget that alcohol sneaks up on people. The quiet euphoria of marijuana, for a time, disguises the building effects of alcohol in the body. Stoners, as a rule, don’t like to go out for a drive. Drunken people, however, delude themselves into believing that they have no impairments and are often quick to get into one of those killing machines on wheels. So, as I preach in the Handbook, as a rule, do not drink alcohol while enjoying the good herb, unless it’s a glass of wine and you won’t be driving.


Which brings me to the point of Ralston’s propaganda and why he’s so deceptive: Over and over that shill for corporate governance referred to cannabis as “a dangerous drug.” Hence, he lied. Cannabis, or weed, or marijuana, is not a drug! It is a herb that is beneficial to the human body, just as other herbs like oregano and basil are. Calling cannabis a “dangerous drug” 25 times in a three-minute monologue does not alter nature; it does not make cannabis a drug. Also, each and every human being is born with cannabinoid receptors in our brains and bodies. If and when cannabis derivatives pass through our brain or certain places within our body where these ready receptors are, they are captured and put to good use. Among those positive uses is relief from terrible, chronic pain and destruction of cancer cells. Yes, the fact is that many cannabinoids kill cancer cells. This drugless, natural substance is fantastic medicine, and this is why “medical marijuana” usage is on the rise.

Ralston pretends to be doing a public service by warning people against legalization of cannabis, or even allowing its use as medicine. In fact, the only service he is doing is to corporations that want to continue profiting from legal drugs – pharmaceuticals – that kill hundreds of thousands of people each year. Ralston and his corporate sponsors are obviously doing a great disservice to the public, and he ought to shut up about cannabis being “a dangerous drug.”

Further, if Ralston and those spewing the same nonsense were sincere about serving the public interests through prudent use of the media they would be advocating, as I do, for an end to cannabis prohibition. And they would do as I’ve committed myself to do: put my money behind my words.

To explain briefly, a few facts: cannabis prohibition is very costly in dollars, but even more so in unnecessary health care costs for individuals and institutions. Public funds are spent needlessly to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people for possessing cannabis. Conservative estimates indicate that these governmental expenses exceed $10 billion each year; that’s money down the drain. At the same time, a growing number of serious crimes go unprosecuted each year, the most serious of which is murder. Percentages of unsolved murders increase each year in most states, even if the number of criminal deaths does not. That $10 billion dollars wasted on cannabis prohibition and prosecution would go a long way to solving more of these capital crimes.

In Nevada, I’ve become superficially knowledgeable about an unsolved case; that of a young man murdered senselessly in 2005. Information about that tragic death can be found here: A Death in Las Vegas ~ Perverted Injustice Because of people like Jon Ralston, who rant against legalizing cannabis yet remain silent about better uses of public funds wasted on its prohibition, such as solving murder cases that sit in back rooms, I’ve decided to offer $4.20 from each Cannabis Consumer Handbook sold during the next four months to help that cause for justice. And I challenge everyone who fights cannabis legalization to do the same: put your own money into making a difference for the resolution of a serious crime, and help a grieving parent in the process.

Any reader can help prosecute a murderer by buying a copy of my book  Cannabis Consumer Handbook.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cannabis Consumer Handbook ~ Reviewed in "Postively Entertainment"

‘Cannabis Consumers Handbook’ explores all aspects of pot, from persecution to cultivation

By Jeff Shivers 

The toothpaste is officially out of the tube. With the recent legalization of cannabis in both Colorado and the neighboring state of Washington, there will be no turning back. The retail distribution of cannabis to adults in Washington State is set to begin in March, 2014. Retailers in Colorado are selling out of product faster than the state’s growers can provide. Now would be an excellent time to educate the rest of the country. 

A primer on cannabis, written by Thomas A. Nagy is a great place to start. Cannabis Consumers Handbook is a must-read for every red-blooded American, regardless of whether you use cannabis or not. It provides a clear and detailed description of how every American’s rights have been abused and minorities persecuted for the past 80 years for the sake of a few corporations and big business owners. It exposes the lie told to the American public and how it was perpetrated by presidents. It ranks second only to the original must-read primer The Emperor Wears No Clothes, written by Jack Herer in 1985, with over 800,000 copies in print and available to read free at 

Now that cannabis is set to become a mainstream recreational commodity, users and non-users alike should check out the Cannabis Consumers Handbook. This primer will enlighten all to cannabis effects, uses and potential for abuse. Inside its covers, you will find out how cannabis was as a medicine in the U.S. for more than 200 years; and how it has been was used worldwide as medicine for more than 2000 years to treat dozens of ailments. How cannabis is used is not just to help those with the side effects of chemotherapy, but to actually cure some cancers. In 5000 years of recorded use, there has never been one single instance of death by overdose or case of cancer caused by cannabis in recorded history. To quote Jack Herer, “The only persons who died from cannabis were shot by a cop.”

The handbook also completely covers every possible method of consumption, from vaporization through ingestion. With recipes for making edibles and the different methods of smoking and vaporization, it is also complete with a very extensive use of photos and quotes from artists, presidents, judges, doctors and politicians, pointing out both the pros and cons of cannabis consumption. A complete Stoner's Lexicon, defining the terms used by cannabis consumers worldwide is provided as well. 

An entire section covers every aspect of cultivation of the cannabis plant at every level, from beginner to expert gardeners, as well as commercial production. The reader will find in-depth discussion on seeds, harvesting, pest prevention (from bugs to humans) and curing your herb for maximum benefit. 

So, pick up a copy today and help spread the news. Learn how you can help cure almost every skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma), reduce or completely destroy cancerous tumors in yourself or your loved ones. Learn how to cook with cannabis and improve your social life without toxic and possibly lethal products (cigarettes and alcohol). Amaze your friends and neighbors with facts about why America is not the “land of the free,” but instead has been transformed into the “land where you pee” if you want a decent job. Drug tests for cannabis do not test for THC, but for a metabolite that remains in your system for up to 20 days after ingesting cannabis and is the cause for many false positive tests. Cannabis for Consumers Handbook is available through Amazon and other booksellers. Get yours today.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Regeneration and Your Health

Earlier I’ve written about real food and fake food, and how deception determines so much of what we desire and believe. All these matters are essential determinants of your health. 

The human mind is the most fascinating and complex device known to mankind. Its functions are studied persistently by tens of thousands of researchers each day, but still its nature and properties largely remain a mystery. Yet, some important facts are known, among these, that your mind determines, to a very large extent your overall health.

Our minds have the capacity to heal our bodies. The same mental power can and frequently is applied to cause illness within our bodies. We can will ourselves to improved health, and we can will our bodies to die.

It’s possible for person to eat all the right foods and get ample amounts of exercise yet still succumb to debilitating diseases. Yes, there may be environmental factors that cause illnesses such as cancer, yet a positive disposition, along with cannabis oil and other natural cures can overcome these attacks. However, if one’s mind succumbs to negative thought and despair, death may be given an invitation.

Some, including this writer, believe that negative thinking is an environmental problem. Television and other mass media are saturated with this poison. Whether or not one is aware of this, advertisements for pharmaceuticals are actually invitations to contract diseases, and if not a particular disease, then the symptoms of that disease. “Ask your doctor” if you need a particular pharmaceutical means to submit to dependency and to create those particular symptoms which justify that doctor prescribing what you ask for. Wanna take this pill?  Then give yourself the symptoms if not the complete disease. All it takes is to dwell upon the possibility that you have any particular disease, and your mind does the rest. You will have it.

If it seems no one in their right mind wants a disease … well, many people do.

For some of us, it’s a means of getting attention, and for others, a path to being pampered.

If it seems that health and disease have mystical roots, then the point is made. This is not to say that old-fashioned Voodoo is necessary. Advertising is a form of modern state-of-the-art Voodoo. The mind is a mystical element separate from the brain. This is illustrated by medical records of heart transplant patients, whose heart recipients received memories from deceased organ donors along with the transplanted heart. Memories transplanted include specific names, dates, skills and experiences. 

When Harvey G. Cox, Jr. wrote The Secular City, the technique of maneuvering minds and people was known as “human engineering.” A look at Wikipedia now defines the same concept as both ergonomics and human enhancement:

Human enhancement technologies (HET) are techniques that can be used not simply for treating illness and disability, but also for enhancing human characteristics and capacities.[3] In some circles, the expression ‘human enhancement technologies’ is synonymous with emerging technologies or converging technologies.[4] In other circles, the expression ‘human enhancement’ is roughly synonymous with human genetic engineering,[5][6] it is used most often to refer to the general application of the convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science (NBIC) to improve human performance.

The importance of this concept “human performance” cannot be overstated. From the time we enter society away from a family unit, we are monitored for performance. Unfortunately, nearly everyone in developed countries is being removed from a central family unit at a very early age, under the guise of “day care.” The necessity to conform to social standards now includes the expectation, if not a presumed economic necessity, of sending babies to a center to be cared for (hopefully, or euphemistically) by strangers. From this point forward in a person’s life, “performance” is continually monitored and measured. At school, and as early as kindergarten, children who do not perform according to arbitrary standards are deemed inadequate and are diagnosed with behavioral problems. Forced ingestion of powerful psychotropic drugs begins, and this has nothing at all to do with an individual’s health, mental or physical.

Self-determination is no longer considered optimal for people. “Powers that be” prefer to engineer or “enhance” everything we think and do, feel and desire. Among those possible desires is included the state of one’s health. 

At the very core of bodily health is the continual regeneration of cells to replace those that are worn out and dead. How well you regenerate depends to some extent upon your state of mind. Regeneration of your health is then a mystical process. 

Should anyone abdicate this exceedingly great power to regenerate to the likes of drug dealers slinging propaganda in order to make a few billion dollars? Of course not; but this happens every day. 

To be continued …