Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mainstream media flash-mobs and a moral revolution in 2016

For very good reasons I share with many Americans a great disdain for politics. As I wrote in a briefly published book, politics as we've known it has become a placebo for action and change, and every election of these past few decades has become an empty waste of time and money. Empty, except for the concrete results of reprogramming American mindsets and beliefs so that a majority accepts without question a completely fictional concept of this world.

Elections have been exceedingly great tools in bringing about a ubiquitous make-believe world reliant on “as if it is true” as its operative premise.

1900 New York voting place
as if it is true that compassion for downtrodden people mandates that we ignore criminal trespassers within our borders.
as if it is true that politicians need not fear that acting against the Federal Reserve will result in a similar death to that of President John F. Kennedy.

as if it is true that carrying a fetus to full term is detrimental to the health of a woman in most cases.
as if it is true political correctness will create a world community in which no person ever have feelings hurt.
as if it is true that fatherless children grow up as emotionally healthy, if not more so, than children of a male and female dyad as parents.

as if it is true that a traditional family is an evil institution that must be eradicated from society.
as if it is true that we must elect a woman to the presidency simply because we have not yet done so.

as if it is true that speaking and writing truthful statements ought to be considered a hate crime.
as if it is true that public expressions of Christian beliefs are punishable offenses.
as if it is true that uninhibited sexual indulgence and exhibitionism are more important to a healthy society than temperance and thoughtful discretion.

as if it is true that individual reluctance to accept and endorse extremism in all its forms and expressions defines an individual as an “intolerant threat to society.”
as if it is true that the media doesn't create flash mobs armed with audio-visual and print weapons to attack and intimidate anyone who dares to think independently.

These are but a few segments of this make-believe world constructed during the past three decades, and a little more.

In a healthy society, media flash mobs would be perceived for what they are: dangerous ad-hoc gangs out to harm people who espouse truth that powers-that-be deem counter to the fictional world they've created and rely upon for continuity of power. Power finds truth extremely discomforting.

But the success of human engineering through media manipulation over these past six decades precludes all of us from living in a healthful society.

Evidence that this is not a healthy society coincident with “advancements” in gender rights, et al? Spontaneous violence in its countless forms that erupts every day; drug use and abuse; sexually transmitted diseases are rampant; unprosecuted murders by family members, strangers, gang members, and medical doctors; prolific, unprosecuted white-collar crime (which remains statistically off the books because the Injustice System refuses to investigate). War. The corruption of every branch of government and those companies that enjoy the largess of government contracts.

Now we are given the opportunity to witness this make-believe world of Hillary Rodham Clinton confronted by the harsh reality of the real world in which crime and punishment come together in old-fashioned justice, and painful truth ignites the fuel of a moral revolution.