Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The problem with International Child Kidnapping

Earlier this year sensational headlines in print and online media announcing the startling discovery: approximately 500 children are retained in Japan by one parent while their other parent anguishes in the United States. There was much hype about this, 100% of that hypocritical.

Yes, the media that out-did themselves in fake alarm and concern are the same mainstream party-attendees who have known about this problem all along. It ‘s nearly as common as automobile fatalities the media never seems to omit from news reports. This is not to dismiss the tragedy of life lost in vehicular accidents, but to point to a more serious problem that MSM ignores because international child kidnapping is always a political, dirty game at the expense of tens of thousands of children.

The mainstream media and every inflated politician that I know of are incapable of telling the truth about international child kidnapping (ICK). On July 3, 2011, I witnessed via Cspan a charade of testimony before a congressional subcommittee on the subject. Sean Goldman was the front-line, the first  parent to speak to the subcommittee on behalf of tens of thousands of left-behind parents. His testimony was almost compelling. It may have been compelling if he were addressing a group who intend to do something about this ICK problem, or whose knowledge of ICK was as fresh as they pretended it to be.

The phony reactions of the committee were obvious to anyone whose eyes and ears were open, or to any one of us who’ve had first hand knowledge of these matters. I do sense that many of the audience attendees and other speakers addressing the panel with personal perspectives may have believed that panel was learning of the problem for the first time.

I don’t believe any congressperson has been so out-of-touch with reality that he or she has been unaware  of these serious international crimes before July 2011. If so, what is that person doing in Washington, D.C. representing anyone other than one’s own personal interests?

      Why would two years pass since both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate voted unanimously (the senator who voted “present” had already purchased the White House) to petition Brazil on behalf of Sean Goldman . . . and still none of the above had caught on to one of the most grievous issues in the world today?

This is the problem with international child abduction: That the MSM and the powers-who-would-be (if they were not compromised by those who own them) choose to dismiss this spreading epidemic as a sad consequence of two people not able to remain married. This is one of the big lies about ICK; it’s one of the most frequent porkies used to dismiss case after case from political arenas in which it truly exists. Politicians and their appointed counterparts, their true partners in crime, pass off their personal responsibilities for using children as pawns in this very corrupt game of chess onto alienated left-behind parents doing, mostly, all possible to bring their stolen children home.

Instead of powers-who-would-be doing what is right for abducted children, they throw their responsibilities back to the left-behind parent. They do whatever is necessary to sweep the matter under their hand-made Persian carpets. They leave left-behind parents to fend for themselves, and in my personal experience with Senator Merkley of Oregon, actively aid in covering up crimes committed within the State Department Office of Children’s Issues.

Those given responsibility of fulfilling obligations of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction have been working against left-behind parents rather than for the children the Hague Convention was written, negotiated, signed and enacted to protect. Proof of this is in the fact that my son Mathew remains in Israel today. Had not there been corruption within the Office of Children’s Issues, an attitude of United States’ subservience to Israel, willingness on the part of numerous people within the State Department and Senator Merkley to cover up the abandonment of United States child-citizens to foreign countries . . . my son would have returned to Oregon years ago.

The State of Israel kidnaps American children. Bob Geldof might agree that Israel also knowingly and willingly aids and abets abduction of British children.

If a parallel can be drawn, treatment left-behind parents receive by United States governments, at multiple levels from local police to the highest person in the State Department, is as if to say to a rape victim: “We will take your statement and your evidence. We will pass it along to the district attorney’s office. They may or may not decide to issue a warrant. You will not be notified of the district attorney’s decision, as there is no need for you to know.” This is exactly the importance given to international abductions, in spite of a book value of seven to twenty years’ imprisonment if convicted. It is about the same as no one being prosecuted or convicted of rape, ever, despite overwhelming evidence.

      Again, proof of these statements is in the fact that, after four years and nine months since my son has been abducted to Israel, I have not yet seen a photograph of him nor conversed with him since he entered that country. This is the same nation that made an international case for the release of the captive tank driver Galid Shalit, and paid a ransom in excess of one thousand (1053) prisoners to gain his return. During his captivity, Shalit was allowed to communicate with his family, occasionally, and photographs were shared. What will it take to persuade the State of Israel to release Mathew Ismalon-Nagy, or even to transmit his recent photograph, or his school grades, to his father?