Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Organic Foods and Farms Make Economic Sense

For those in the professions accustomed to working in an office environment the idea of small-scale farming may well conjure images of standing behind a plow in knee-worn jeans with bugs buzzing around one's head.

On another end of the string, I've heard two stories of young women overheard in retail stores talking about where their food comes from. One said, "potatoes don't come from a farm! Potatoes come from the grocery store, and I see them there every week!"

Many assert that real unemployment hovers around twenty percent (20%) and not 9%, as election-year government figures would have us believe. I include incumbents in both parties in this exercise in obfuscation for the sake of retaining positions of power. Bowing down to corporate money and power is expected of all those aspiring to political servitude. When corporate "donors" say it is imperative that organic farming is to be repressed, political whores must dance that dance and sing that song. One of the lyrics of their song is that organic farming cannot support the world's population. This is blatantly and dangerously false, as the following article illustrates.

Not only does small scale Smart farming make economic sense, it is essential for our future survival in short and long terms.