Monday, December 5, 2011

We, The People, fail to see the big picture.

Look at the sky to see a horizon in the distance. If there are clouds, these can be perceived to form a pattern. It may be free form, and merely a few long streaks at high altitude, cirrus clouds anywhere from 5,000 feet to 20,000 feet above sea level. Or, cumulonimbus clouds taking puffy shapes preceding development into rain clouds.

When looking at news reports of banking transactions at the highest level, “loans” that involve trillions of dollars bank to bank, or bank to government, or printing house to either a bank or government at interest, a pattern can also be perceived. First of all, these transactions are “up there” like clouds in the stratosphere, thus untouchable. They are beyond the reach of billionaires. They are also beyond comprehension to most people.

Also, these transactions have materialized out of thin air, so it seems. No one has yet defined exactly where the source of these trillions of dollars in “loans” has come from. Is it newly created money, or merely a previously accrued stash amassed from decades of interest paid to the Federal Reserve as profit?

Overall, the pattern is this: those who make these transactions are detached from all but a minute fraction of humanity with feet on the ground. They exist at a level and under conditions that touch no one other than a tiny fraction of people involved, yet these monetary decisions, and most importantly what is reported about these decisions, affect all of humanity.

Perceptions are everything in the stratosphere of international banking. A show is put on. During 2008 – 2010, the lower level “show” of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was alleged to be 700 billion U.S. dollars. Many believed this was an outrageous amount of money and opposed the bailouts, expecting that it would cost “taxpayers” $300 billion. These low-level clouds obscured a far greater reality at much higher altitudes, intentionally kept secret. First, actually recipients of official TARP funds were held on a need-to-know basis, thus not disclosed to the public. Then, through various sources and methods of obtaining information, glimpses of the larger truth began to emerge. One partial audit revealed that $16 trillion dollars went to domestic and foreign banks. Another source of documents in more detail shows that many more domestic banks and companies received funds to keep them from imploding: add another 7.7 trillion dollars to previously reported sums. Still, there is an incomplete picture of how much money is involved, and what the actual sources were. “Those who know don’t speak, and those who speak don’t know.”  

There is every reason to believe that “protection” has been doled out in amounts at least thirty times (30X) the officially reported number of TARP, anywhere from $21 trillion to $30 trillion.

Extensive “loans” involved are, for the most part, not backed by collateral, and the money has not been invested in production expansion. It has not produced capital investment, but was put into holes all over the globe. It “covered debt.”  New debt was generated to cover old debt in astronomical amounts.  Or so it would seem.

There are exceptions. Recently, Italy paid about one fourth of its debt by transferring about 2,451 tons of gold to its benefactors. Over the next two years more debt will come due, and Italy is not expected to have gold to offer its bankers, so . . .? Similar circumstances are faced by other European nations.

The Federal Reserve, as a private company, has issued and loaned trillions of Federal Reserve Notes. It has issued zero United States Treasury Notes, because nearly none exist save a few paper antiques. All those loans float across the stratosphere, with barely a light mist descending from the sky to refresh economic life on our planet’s surface.

Only “big players” are having access to recirculated trillions of dollars. This is an important pattern. This is a critical pattern. This is a pattern that is absolutely essential to be perceived and understood because it goes against fundamentals of economic health and wealth creation at the level at which people live. All wealth is created from bottom up, raw materials to refined, finished product, like crops from soil. 

The bank-loan pattern of activity supports a global agenda towards virtually every consumable need of humanity being provided by a giant corporation. If this continues, in the near future virtually nothing that people need or want will be accessible without involving a global corporation. From conception to birth, from birth to death and afterward, each person shall be dependent upon faceless, amoral, unaccountable, and impersonal “customer service associates,” or policy-limited semi-professionals and professionals, or bureaucrats like TSA body-searchers, through every day of “life.”

This “policy” is reflected in every sentence spoken by policy-makers likely to win an election: Only giant corporations are invited to negotiation tables to determine “job creation” strategies, or energy sources, or agricultural capabilities, while millions of people “close to the trenches” are shut out, along with their inestimable ingenuity, from problem-solving at local levels.

History has proven that human ingenuity needs to be free in order for humanity to thrive. Simple tools placed in the hands of men and women stimulate creativity wherever there is a will to create. Patterns within the actions and words of those on high preclude egalitarian solutions to ubiquitous social and economic problems.