Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outrageous Governmental Behavior

Under the Bush Administration outrageous government behavior was directed at foreign nations and people were fed up. Personally, I cannot condone a war against terrorism that commits genocide: 1,000,000 people killed in Iraq alone, with 90% of them civilian noncombatants, in order to prevent remote possibilities of hostile acts against this country. I just don’t get it. I’m not the brainiest brain in the neighborhood, but I see no moral justification.

I am alarmed by the following video:

Now, outrageous governmental behavior has been increasingly directed at people living within the borders of the United States under the “leadership” of president B. H. Obama. Even more outrageous is his claim to be the fourth in a line of great presidents. Only Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lincoln exceed his administrative accomplishments, according to His Humbleness. Johnson set up the falsehood of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in order to enact the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that allowed him to send more than 58,000 United States soldiers to die in Vietnam. His Great Society never happened, and his War on Poverty began the erosion of family dignity in the United States. Franklin Roosevelt turned this nation over to bankers in 1933 and 1934, and set in motion a process that culminated in the infamous bailouts of 2008-2011. While the FDR administration has done much good for Americans, those gains came at a steep price. For sake of his political popularity FDR gave the keys to the Corporate City of Washington D.C. to international bankers and a yet to be identified “Crown” along with all federal assets pledged as collateral for what is now more than 15 trillion dollars of debt. All it takes to know this is to read the banking acts from 1933 through 1937. Upholding tradition, Obama cites Lincoln, who preserved the federal reach while fighting an enormously bloody war to prevent international bankers from establishing a Confederate nation in America.

The singular theme that connects Lincoln with presidents FDR and L.B. Johnson is the vast expansion of federal power during their administrations. It is this connection that clarifies Obama’s statement. His attempt to bamboozle potential voters of color that he’s done a great deal for minority persons should be seen through for what it is: deception. That is not the thread that connects Lincoln with Johnson.

Like Lincoln, the president is willing that hundreds of thousands, even millions, die in the process of consolidating centralized federal power here and abroad. In real terms, the expansion of the National Socialists of Germany in their consolidating years of 1933 to 1938 pale in comparison to the destructive reach of our present federal expansion from 2009 to 2012.

Contrary to Obama’s assertions of his greatness of achievements, a great president would have negotiated peace abroad and would have, at the minimum, established a status quo foreign policy with friendly nations and potentially hostile ones. It is in each nation’s interests, in these difficult years, to focus on internal economic issues rather than warfare and international hostility. Any man or woman worthy of high office would know this and act accordingly. It hasn’t happened here.

Among those internal problems here and abroad are current crises in housing, jobs, hunger, education and immigration. Nothing noteworthy has been achieved in any of these areas, let alone great. A forced mandate to purchase insurance is a negative accomplishment, not a path to greatness. The arrest of organic farmers and militarizing police forces of this country would not be considered a positive achievement in any nation outside the United States, as these are measures condemned by students of history. The state of families in this country can hardly be called positive. Having parents arrested for refusing to give psychotropic drugs to their children is not an achievement in child protection. Nor is the upward trend in parental violence against children reported daily in news outlets in this country a matter of pride. Nothing has been done to undo this trend, although it is definitely not the purview of congress or government to address by enacting laws. Rather, it has been government power that drives parents to a stress point at which they crumble and take out their frustrations on children. Groping genitals and molesting personal dignity at airports is nothing to brag about in any name, let alone that of protecting lives of innocent civilians. Yet this has been the trend of the Transportation Safety Administration under the current president. Increasing surveillance and a general sense of fear has done nothing to advance a sense of American freedom and quality of life, but it has decreased these as familiar conditions for many of us.

From increasing poverty to consolidation of large banks from the remains of smaller ones, as occurred under Franklin Roosevelt's tenure, the many other transgressions of freedom under the current administration are too numerous to list or explain in one post.

There is only one way to increase centralized federal power in any nation, and that is at the expense of the God given freedoms of individual persons. We can look to Fidel Castro as an example of centralized power in modern times. Many Cuban Americans that I personally know have told me, “he destroyed the country.”