Monday, April 7, 2014

Cannabis Consumer Handbook ~ Reviewed in "Postively Entertainment"

‘Cannabis Consumers Handbook’ explores all aspects of pot, from persecution to cultivation

By Jeff Shivers 

The toothpaste is officially out of the tube. With the recent legalization of cannabis in both Colorado and the neighboring state of Washington, there will be no turning back. The retail distribution of cannabis to adults in Washington State is set to begin in March, 2014. Retailers in Colorado are selling out of product faster than the state’s growers can provide. Now would be an excellent time to educate the rest of the country. 

A primer on cannabis, written by Thomas A. Nagy is a great place to start. Cannabis Consumers Handbook is a must-read for every red-blooded American, regardless of whether you use cannabis or not. It provides a clear and detailed description of how every American’s rights have been abused and minorities persecuted for the past 80 years for the sake of a few corporations and big business owners. It exposes the lie told to the American public and how it was perpetrated by presidents. It ranks second only to the original must-read primer The Emperor Wears No Clothes, written by Jack Herer in 1985, with over 800,000 copies in print and available to read free at 

Now that cannabis is set to become a mainstream recreational commodity, users and non-users alike should check out the Cannabis Consumers Handbook. This primer will enlighten all to cannabis effects, uses and potential for abuse. Inside its covers, you will find out how cannabis was as a medicine in the U.S. for more than 200 years; and how it has been was used worldwide as medicine for more than 2000 years to treat dozens of ailments. How cannabis is used is not just to help those with the side effects of chemotherapy, but to actually cure some cancers. In 5000 years of recorded use, there has never been one single instance of death by overdose or case of cancer caused by cannabis in recorded history. To quote Jack Herer, “The only persons who died from cannabis were shot by a cop.”

The handbook also completely covers every possible method of consumption, from vaporization through ingestion. With recipes for making edibles and the different methods of smoking and vaporization, it is also complete with a very extensive use of photos and quotes from artists, presidents, judges, doctors and politicians, pointing out both the pros and cons of cannabis consumption. A complete Stoner's Lexicon, defining the terms used by cannabis consumers worldwide is provided as well. 

An entire section covers every aspect of cultivation of the cannabis plant at every level, from beginner to expert gardeners, as well as commercial production. The reader will find in-depth discussion on seeds, harvesting, pest prevention (from bugs to humans) and curing your herb for maximum benefit. 

So, pick up a copy today and help spread the news. Learn how you can help cure almost every skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma), reduce or completely destroy cancerous tumors in yourself or your loved ones. Learn how to cook with cannabis and improve your social life without toxic and possibly lethal products (cigarettes and alcohol). Amaze your friends and neighbors with facts about why America is not the “land of the free,” but instead has been transformed into the “land where you pee” if you want a decent job. Drug tests for cannabis do not test for THC, but for a metabolite that remains in your system for up to 20 days after ingesting cannabis and is the cause for many false positive tests. Cannabis for Consumers Handbook is available through Amazon and other booksellers. Get yours today.