Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Regeneration Instead of Revolution

Tea Party members and sympathizers might consider themselves part of a "tax-revolt revolution" just as those who participated in the Boston Tea Party of 1773 did. The Tea Party facts

We have seen others, such as Timothy McVeigh and his associates, who believed that his actions were revolutionary. Others, including the Wackos at Waco, Texas, have thought of themselves as religious revolutionaries.

Revolution as a religion has its various sects in America. Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Black Panthers, Aryan Nation, David Duke followers, Libertarians, the Coffee Party fellows, and Constitutionalists are but a few of these revolutionary sects. Most, if not all, are considered "terrorists" by the official federal government controllers.

One important thing to know about these sects is that they will never unite as one, or come together to fight a revolution against their common enemy, yet a common enemy they do indeed share.

Participants of the Ninety-Nine Percent, or "99%" protests had correctly identified its common enemy: the .04 percent (.04%) who own fifty percent (50% ) of all paper and hard assets in the United States ... most of which has been acquired at the expense of the 99.6% outside that inner circle of asset holders.

There happens to be a similarity between revolutionary sectarianism and the fractured community of Christianity, or Christian sects within Protestantism. Despite having a common "enemy" defined loosely as "the world," or the worship of any and all things material, Christian sects are divided by minutiae that has nothing to do with its purpose. Enemies of Christianity want it this way. And because of these disagreements on which approach, or set of rules, is most appropriate to achieve the common goal of freedom from corporate hegemony and increased participation of ownership in material resources, there will never be unity of purpose. There should be, in both "revolutionary" sectarianism and Christianity. Essentially, both are purposed to attain the same end.

Each group, or sect, has its particular Ego that defines it. Just as human beings are separated by ego, so are sects, whether religious or political, or economic.

Divide, with money, and conquer.

That infamous 04.% routinely floods each political and economic sect with sufficient funds to denounce its rivals in various media. It pays each to remain separate and competitive, and antagonistically divided. This assures there will be no viable, unified revolution to overthrow the status quo.

The well-funded, paid-in-full divisiveness precludes essential unity. and this unity is a product of timing -- reliant upon simultaneous events converging.

The one factor that would lead to achieving the aims of a successful revolution is spiritual awakening that unifies masses of people within a short time period. For decades, since the musical "Hair" burst onto the stage and "Consciousness scene" of the Nineteen-Sixties, millions of people have, at various times, believed in and anticipated the arrival of such a spiritual mass-awakening. The Age of Aquarius has been imminent for five decades. It was to be the event, or the turning point. Unfortunately, well-funded and paid-in-full mass-media campaigns have hijacked this spiritual awakening under the banner of New Age "enlightenment." A contradiction? Not at all. This New Age religion as mass-marketed (Oprah Winfrey has been a salesperson) emphasizes individual and group Ego in lieu of essential humility required of any genuine spiritual awakening.

It takes humility to achieve a unified goal of equality for all. New Age philosophy has, at its core, the proposal that each of us human beings can and should become our own god. Seven billion gods populating the "99.6%" is no way to conduct a spiritual revolution.

The simple truth is, none of us are gods and we cannot become one.

What we can do is recognize that each of us are the same, like trees in a forest. None is its own god, or superior to others, and all trees in the forest rely on the same basic circumstances to live, grow, and sustain life. A disease that enters one tree can kill the entire forest.

If we are ever to overcome the present conditions of inequality and lack of equal access to Earth's resources essential to sustaining human life on this planet, then we must take the humble approach, and recognize that this is a common fight shared equally by all. Everyone brings unique talents to the struggle, but none are so insignificant that we do not matter in the larger scheme of life and the struggle. In fact, each tree that dies in a forest yields its biological matter to billions of other organisms so that new life is regenerated from death.

Those who presently control the vast array of resources of this planet will not easily yield to a few scattered voices who scream for them to step aside and relinquish control. Those shrill voices are humorous to the few who hear them, and ludicrous.

Silence and death are weapons wielded daily by those in control. The masses, in disunity, are conveniently silent. For those who act out in desperation, death is the antidote to raising consciousness, and consciences. Money buys both silence and death every day, every hour.

Yet Truth cannot be silenced forever. Like life contained hidden within soil and seeds, it finds its moment to regenerate and spring to life. Regeneration is the essential factor in the revolutions that many anticipate and desire. It's a matter of time, and timing ... long anticipated and often postponed ... Truth will emerge from darkness, and many will realize that our fellow freedom fighter is not our rival, and that the way to attain our common goal is through humble service to each other.