Thursday, November 7, 2013

ReGeneration Essentials

We live in a period of rapid and great change.

The past few years have proven to be unsettling for so many of us human beings. Lifestyles and lifelines have been disrupted and severed. While many people applaud these changes, others of us recognize that change does not necessarily bring improvement to personal or general quality of life.

Explosive growth in numbers of unemployed in Europe and America, along with significant increases in numbers of people dependent upon food banks and supplemental nutrition programs remain strong indicators of unwelcome changes. Millions who were not poor half a dozen years ago have joined the billions who have known poverty since birth.
A look at the growing poor phenomenon tells this story: Look at elusive definitions here

Recently published financial reports indicate that corporations are setting new profit records, as usual. The number of billionaires increases each year. These are, perhaps, meaningless statistics because the real value of the United States Dollar/Federal Reserve Note has decreased steadily with inflation. More important than anyone’s net worth in Federal Reserve Notes is the fact that the number of young lives lost each day to starvation, bad water and related diseases remains consistently close to 30,000 per day.

War munitions and machinery contribute an increasing proportion of corporate profits, leading to stock price surges, as civilian deaths from the same technology steadily increase. Death is an exceedingly profitable business. 

The human spirit is remarkably resilient. Our minds are capable of ingenious solutions to individual and collective problems. Freedom to apply innovative solutions is essential to human resilience and survival.

Freedom and creativity combined in individuals will provide seeds of regeneration for humanity, even as current destructive forces sweep across our landscapes, whether material and spiritual or social and economic.

The future of all life itself begins with regeneration.