Friday, November 23, 2012

Allen Rehbein on Israeli protests

wrote in FaceBook on November 23, 2012

I don't think most of my fellow Jews quite GET IT. 
Some of us Jews are not lemmings...some of us THINK for ourselves. 
Some of us don't THINK that dropping 1,500 bombs on a tiny piece of land with 800,000 children in it will make ANYBODY safer. I think it's going to create a whole new generation of children that will despise the people who dropped all of those bombs on them and ruined their lives. There is NO WAY we can support that in good conscience. I already know all of the propaganda points that make you support it, so please stop sending me the same 3 videos about Hamas that everybody keeps posting...and PLEASE stop sending me Glenn Beck videos about Israel...last year you all thought he was crazy, not all of a sudden you think he's Israel's savior. The fact that some of us are against these policies doesn't mean we are against Israel, it means we are against the policies of the Israeli government...and NO, I will NOT "stand" wi th Israel when they do these things. I stand with the Palestinian CHILDREN at this time, who are victims of being born in Gaza, with nowhere to run to. We think that these bombing operations are doing the exact opposite of making anybody safer. Many people in Israel agree with us...they don't support their own government either. For God's sake, FOUR Israeli people have set themselves on FIRE in protest of their own government just in 2012, and I didn't see a SINGLE one of you post an article about that. 

You can easily go to YouTube and watch the demonstrations and protests the Israeli people hold in opposition of their own government. 
Do you really care about the people of Israel, or do you just care about what you are TOLD to care about and WHEN you are told to care about it? We think these policies hurt the Israeli people much more than help them. We don't think the Israeli government works in the best interests of its people. Do you get it?