Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An excerpt from the book, Kidnapping For Fun and Profit

Love and only love is the answer to problems arising from
parental abduction and alienation of children. Hatred perpetuates
and exacerbates consequences that already affect everyone sharing
this planet, these “two worlds living together as one.” Love must
be supported by forgiveness , and forgiveness must be offered to
all who repent, all who express genuine remorse for transgressions
of the past and present. The only way to love is with depth; it
cannot be lukewarm in a world in the deep freeze of amorality.
Tepid love within a relationship that conceives children is a large
part of the problem, one of the root causes of hijacked emotions,
a deep sense of worthlessness, readiness to blame those closest to
oneself for self doubt and self-loathing. Understanding that this is
ubiquitous in our amoral society is a beginning for those who
have been herded down this path. Power does not spare a soul; it
is too often an insatiable yearning for nourishment of one’s soul
missed in childhood that drives one to acquire power over others.
Inevitably, this power turns to ruthlessness; sociopaths are
spawned this way. Evidence of alienated children can be seen
everywhere, in faces of children in school, in reports of bullying, in
domestic violence, and in false reports of domestic violence used
as a weapon of aggression against a spouse or former partner. To
love is to reach down into the core of one’s being and to find
something within worth sharing; it is an inexplicable personal
power unknown before one sought it out. It is the power to
forgive, to reach beyond a concept of “a balance of power” that
requires only distance and détente. Love is power that requires no
force, nor can it be forced, just as remorse or repentance cannot
be forced from depths within any person. It is the obligation of
every parent to nourish the soul of one’s child so that he or she
becomes aware of both love and its relationship to one’s moral
conscience, for a moral conscience without love is weak, tepid, and
easily overcome by the machinations of the world.

Proverb: Truth is truth to the end of the reckoning.